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Maintaining the exterior of an aircraft with an approved maintenance system is an economically wise decision. Ultra Shine Aviation Pro-Seal offers an approved polishing-sealing system that not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the aircraft but it also prolongs the life of the painted surface and reduces corrosion.

Paints used on aircraft are technically well advanced as they develop into a hard wearing durable surface. However, to maintain these qualities, some maintenance is required. The occasional wash and polish is not enough. Remember an aircraft is subject to a harsh environment and many contaminants are encountered in the airline industry. Such as: fuel, de-icing fluids, greases, solvents, bugs, acid rain, airborne pollutants, de-winteriser used on runways and so on.

In order to combat these effects aircraft must be treated with an approved polishing and sealing system. The sealing will keep the paint looking 1st class and will prolong its life. Using Ultra Shine Aviation Pro-Seal and the subsequent maintenance program will allow for easier and quicker routine washing, which means less downtime.

Whilst applying Ultra Shine Pro-Seal the personnel involved are able to identify and potential surface corrosion, damage or defects.

Once applied Ultra Shine Aviation Pro-Seal also allows for easier identification of fluid leaks and flight damage as well as providing an easily cleaned surface. Ultra Shine Aviation Pro-Seal gives aircraft a 1st class professional appearance which in turn enhances and supports the image of the operator.

Remember, maintenance dollars are far less costly than repair dollars!

Aircraft Types Covered

All Civil Aeroplanes, Pressurised & Unpressurised, Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) Ops, Non-RPT Ops, All Civil Helicopters

Services, Features & Benefits


Pro-Seal paint sealant application
Paintwork rejuvenation and deoxidation
Aircraft extended washing and detailing
Aircraft exterior metal surfaces rejuvenation and polishing
Interior cleaning and detailing
Carpet extraction cleaning
Leather cleaning and conditioning

Features of the Process

We will deoxidise, seal and wash your aircraft which ultimately:
Rejuvenates old paintwork
Reduces maintenance costs and aircraft ‘downtime’ dramatically
Powerful Ultra Violet Ray screening agent
High gloss finish
Conforms with Boeing D6-17487 Revision L
Civilian Aviation Safety Authority CASR Part 145 Approval Certificate 1-U8YLD

Advantages & Benefits

Expands the lifespan of painted surfaces
Resists the deterioration effect of sunlight on paintwork
Simplifies the cleaning process
Resists salt attack
Resists effects of acid rain
Ideal in minimising corrosion
Aviation approved
Professional finish, projecting a first class image
Low cost to aircraft operators

External Washing

On-going protection for the aircraft using a non-alkaline range of cleaning products designed to enhance the Ultra Shine Pro-Sealant is necessary. To comply with EPA requirements, waste water can be extracted from the area for disposal.

Internal Cleaning

All aspects of interior detailing, including carpet extraction cleaning and leather conditioning are able to be provided.

External Polishing

Painted and unpainted surfaces
Painted (Restoration & Sealing)
Unpainted surfaces

Bare metal surfaces can be polished to a mirror finish reducing damage by corrosion and enhancing appeal of aircraft.

Plastic Window Repairs

USA-AU trains all its staff to a high standard across a range of subjects that are defined in its CASA approved Exposition and Training & Procedures Manual.

Polish and repair your crazed windows.

Installed – At your AMO’s facility
Uninstalled – In our approved workshops in Perth

The Costs

The size and condition of your window will drive the repair costs. The best way for us to estimate these costs is to look at each window carefully.

The Downtime (Est.)

The task can be completed whilst the aircraft is being worked on by your team without any additional downtime.

The Benefits

Significantly increased useful life from each window
Less downtime than changing windows

The image below shows a window that has been repaired after severe crazing.

Alt Text

The Training Given

USA-AU trains all its staff to a high standard across a range of subjects that are defined in its CASA approved Exposition and Training & Procedures Manual.

  • Polishing aircraft
  • Repairing windows
  • Environmental issues
  • Working at heights
  • Certification processes
  • Aircraft familiarisation
  • Operating EWP’s
  • Safety (Flight & OH&S)
  • Human Factors
  • Airport security
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Washing aircraft
  • Cleaning inside aircraft
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